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TGV Mini Trike Mafia

TGV Mini Trike Mafia

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Join the TGV Mini Trike Mafia!

When you're part of the Mini Trike Mafia, you're not just riding, you're part of a community. Show your allegiance with the TGV 'Mini Trike Mafia' Shirt, the perfect way to share your love for these compact speed demons and the camaraderie they bring.

Front Features:
- The iconic TGV logo on the chest representing 'The Garage Vlog' – your ticket to the mini trike universe.

Back Features:
- A captivating image of the TGV Mini Trike featuring Maxxis treaded racing tires, sexy polished aluminum wheels, a custom suspension seat designed for maximum comfort, and a frame perfectly coated in racing red powdercoat.
- The words 'Mini Trike Mafia' emblazoned boldly across the back, because you're not just riding a trike; you're part of a family.

Why you need this shirt:
- Wear your mini trike passion on your sleeve (or rather, your back) and let the world know you're part of something special.
- Make a statement that goes beyond speed – it's about community, connection, and the thrill of the ride.
- Crafted from top-quality materials for comfort and durability, just like your TGV mini trike.

Owning or riding a TGV Mini Trike isn't just about speed; it's about being part of an incredible community. It's the sense of belonging, shared adventures, and the rush of the open road that makes it all worthwhile.

Don't miss your chance to show your mini trike pride and be part of the Mini Trike Mafia. Order your 'Mini Trike Mafia' shirt today and roll with the crew that's all about the thrill of the ride!


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